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Racer Wire Works or known as RWW is Thailand's leading specialized manufacturer and distributor of highest quality Oxygen free Copper cathode, Copper rod, Copper wire, Copper electrical products and Magnet wire. Our Head-quarter is located in the heart of Bangkok City. Our Factory is in Ayutthaya province, 80 kilometers from the city of Bangkok.

RWW is a company with long-term experience and specific know-how in the Copper rod casting, wire drawing and wire enameling industry. At RWW, we used state of the art production line and equipment to ensure our highest manufacturing standards and highest quality products. RWW specialize in drawing a wide range of copper wire sizes-from 8mm Ė 0.08mm diameters

RWW supply all type of magnet wire for your electromagnetic requirements, including transformers, magnetic ballast, motors, control devices, relays, generators and solenoids The goal for the greatest customer satisfaction is not only guaranteed by the solid company organization and the steady technological updating improvement, but also a spirit of active partnership, which leads the activities of engineering, production and after-sales service to the highest standards of flexibility for each specific operating need or demand of the client.

Our achievement of the internationally recognized and prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certification mark our relentless pursue of business excellence.