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Production Facilities

  • Copper Rod Casting Line- Continuous Rod casting (Annual capacity of 6000T per year, and 12,000T by Febuary 2011)
  • Rod Breakdown Machine - Niehoff M85 (Annual capacity of 22,000T)
  • Multi Fine Wire Drawing Line- Niehoff MMH 101 (Annual Capacity of 2400T)
  • Bunching Lines
  • Enameling Lines
  • Extrusion Lines

Continuous Upward Rod Casting Line

Present casting capacity of 12,000 T Annually, with expansion of Another 6000T by early 2011.

Niehoff M85 – Rod Breakdown

Copper Wire Drawing Line: Range 4mm – 1mm

Sate of the Art Machinery NIHOFF Drawing Machines from Germany

Advantages from M85

  • Less Tolerance values range (0.02mm)
  • Smooth surface
  • Centricity
  • High Consistency in Elongation value
  • Variety in Packaging upon customer satisfaction (from 500kg up to 2000kg)
  • Tangle Free Pay-off benefit from state of the art Niehoff static Coiler (WF801)
  • Options for spool varies from Coiless, DIN 560, DIN 630, DIN 800 or BASKET COIL TYPE

MMH 101- Multiwire Drawing Line

Random combination available between 5 – 16 lines, with the features of consistent Diameter, elongation, resistance and tension

Spooless Pay-off system

Advantage from MMH 101

  • Less storage space
  • All lines has the same start and ending
  • All lines has the same tensile strength and Elongation
  • Less wastes
  • Less downtime in production Line